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Copper Wire Granulator AMS-400

AMS-400 Copper Wire Granulator Introduction
The AMS-400 copper wire granulator belongs to the complete production line developed by our company to recycle the copper out of the various wires. The machine is featured with novel design, compact structure, low power consumption and stable performance. What’ more, it can separate copper granule from plastics completely.

AMS-400 Copper Wire Granulator Features
1. Wide Application: Copper wire granulator is designed to recycle various kinds of copper wire and cables with diameter between 0.2-20 mm.
2. Multi-function: AMS-400 copper wire granulator combines the complex processes into one, including crushing, conveying, dust collecting, separating process. It can recycle both the copper granule and PVC plastic.
3. Environment-friendly: AMS-400 copper wire granulator has solved the pollution caused by the burning of the copper wires. With high copper recycling rate of 99.9% at least, the device is with excellent dust removal performance because of the adoption of the fully closed production model.

Waste Copper/ Cable Recycling Process
1. Starting
Please make sure all the machines and electrical equipments are in good condition. Then start the machine, and keep the machine running unloaded for 5-10 minutes before feeding.
Boot sequence: suction fan1→suction fan 2→blower-feeding blower →riddler→mainframe. 
Shutdown sequence: Riddler→blower→suction fan1→suction fan 2→feeding blower→mainframe
2. Feeding
Before feeding, pick up the debris especially the iron from the wires in case of the damage to the crusher blades. During the feeding period, the feeding speed should be in accordance with the crushing speed.
3. Fine crushing
If there is any abnormal noise, please stop and check the crusher, or change different size screen.
If there is too much copper or the produced particles are relatively small during the production process, replace the screen and adjust the distance between the fixed knife and the moving one.
If the machine is easy to overheat, stop the device and inspect the gearing.
4.Vibrating separator
After crushed, the mixed material will be delivered to vibrating device. The copper from vibrating separator is complete copper without plastic, while the copper clad from the opposite discharging hole needs the second crushing.

Suitable Wires of Copper Wire Granulator

AMS-400 waste copper cable granulator is specialized in recycling waste wires or cables( diameter between 0.2-20 mm), such as auto electric wire, motorcycle electric wire, computer wire, other various miscellaneous material cables, communication cables etc. The machine could process the scrap wires into copper and plastic particles to recycle to the greatest extent.

Investment suggestions
The copper wire recycling is very common in the western countries such as the United States, the United kingdom, Canada as well as Australia etc. And there exist many copper recycling companies or organizations in these countries. That is, there is broad market prospect. In addition, with the popularity of environmental awareness and recycling economy, the recycling of copper is gradually becoming a hot topic in other countries in the world. So if you have any related investment plan, don’t hesitate to contact us. We'd like to provide you with the best copper wire granulator as well as comprehensive services.

 AMS-400 Copper Wire Granulator Technical Parameters

Work condition
380 V/3 Phrase/50 HZ(could be customized)
Purity rate
Wire diameter processed
0.2-20 mm
Size of products
4 mm approximately normally
150-200 kg/h
2150*1700*2200 mm
Total Power
23.12 kw
1600 kg

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