Copper Cable Granulator

Copper Cable Granulator AMS 800

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Copper Cable Granulator AMS-800

Why Copper Cable Granulator Is Popular
Copper cable is valuable because scrap copper cables can be recycled to provide extra value and protect the environment. As the sense of environmental protection becomes popular, there is a great demand of copper recycling machines. Especilaly in some advanced countries such as America, Canada, Australia and Europe. While copper cable granulator is just the ideal machine for copper recycling.

Copper Cable Granulator Introduction

Copper cable granulator is an indispensable environmentally friendly machine in recycling waste cables, waste copper wires whose diameter should be below 40mm, such as auto electric wire, motorcycle electric wire, and computer wires etc.

AMS-800 Copper Cable Granulator Features

1. Equipped with PLC control system
2. Reliable operation, low noise and large handling capacity.
3. Double crushing process improves the copper recycling purity.
4. Recycling 99.9% copper from scrap copper wires or cables.
5. Independent conveyor to delivery mixture of copper and plastic, making the whole working plant more stable.
6. The blade of the crusher can be removed to be sharpen.
7.When processing the waste copper wires, it produces no dust, no environmental pollution.

Copper Cable Granulator Working Process

Firstly, the scrap copper cable is crushed by the first crusher into about 10mm, then the mixture will be delivered to the second crusher to be recrushed into 3-5 mm. Later the copper will be separated from PVC plastic by vibrating machine. AMS-800 Copper cable granulator is effective for recycling copper and PVC plastic from scrap wires with a high recycling rate of 99%.

Repair & Maintenance
Regular maintenance
is helpful to keep the value of the equipment. In addition, it is also one of the prerequisites for the warranty claim when the equipment is corrosion damaged.
We have customized the production cycle according to your equipment crushing capacity. The cycle should be strictly followed to ensure the safety of the equipment and the stability of the operation. Furthermore, some small faults would be found in advance to avoid greater losses.
A routine maintenance is necessary for each 30 tons of crushing, and the comprehensive maintenance is a must for every 300 tons of material after crushing.
Note: The device cycle is formulated on the basis of normal load operation. For the use of harsh condition, such as the regular overload and frequent running starting, some maintenance work should be changed.
Normally,the maintenance frequency is as follows:

Number Maintaining Item Inspection Frequency
1 Sharpening Blades Every 5 days
2 Check Belts Every 15 days
3 Oiling Every day
4 Conveyor Every day
5 Guard Screen Every day
6 Screen Every 15 days
7 Screw Every day

Investment Suggestions
If you have large quantities of waste copper cables to process, 800 copper cable granulator should be your first choice
AMS-800 Copper Cable Granulator Technology Data

Work condition
380 V/3 Phrase/50 HZ(could be customized)
Purity rate
Wire dia processed
0.2-40 mm
Size of products
4 mm approximately normally
500-800 kg/hour
9200*4300*2700 mm
Total Power
78.76 kw
8000 kg

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