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Copper Cable Granulator AMS 800

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  • Copper Alloy and Their Application

    Copper alloy is widely used in various fields. It is necessary to know them, then we can do better to recycle them. Copper graulator and wire stripping machine are two commonly-used machines....

  • How to Recycle an Old Air Conditioner

    For appliance recycling such as air conditioner, it is of great value and also a challenge. You need to know some professional knowledge before you really do. And some tools or machines are necessary like radiator recycling machine....

  • Different Countries’ Standards for Wire and Cable

    There is a simple introduction of common standards for wire and cable like UL standard, VDE standard, JIS standard,etc., which is also a guide to enter different market....

  • Different Solutions for E-waste Recycling

    E-waste has been increasing rapidly these years. People bring up different solution.The best is to reuse and recycle with machines like copper cable granulator. More information is at

  • A Must-have in Your Scrap Yard

    Wire stripping machine is a very functional machine in cable recycling. Here are some popular models worldwide for you to choose from including well known Amisy wire stripper machine!...

  • Copper Resource’s Distribution and Productivity

    Copper mine’s distribution is not balanced worldwide.Copper recycling is especially important for many countries. Amisy copper recycling machine will return you quality copper granule and wire....

  • How to Sort Scrap Metal

    Metal scrap has various kinds,but with right method, sorting scrap metal isn’t complex, either. Amisy, devoted to the manufacturing of copper recycling machines, like to share with you these tips!...

  • Six Best Places to Find Scrap Copper Wire

    Amisy Copper Recycling Machinery teaches you how to find copper wire scrap easily, then with quality cable granulator, you will make your own fortune!...

  • US Trade in Copper and Copper Alloy Scrap

    The United States is a significant exporter of copper and copper alloy scrap and has been the world’s largest exporter of copper-based scrap since 1999. US Trade in copper and copper alloy scrap occupies the important position in the global trade....

  • Scrap Copper Recycling in Australia

    Australia has the vast land and rich natural resources and attaches great importance to ecological environment protection. Even though it's the world's fifth largest copper producer, scrap copper recycling in Australia is still operating in the differ...

  • Tyre Scrap Recycling Situation in China

    In China, tyre recycling is not as satisfying as other recycling field like copper wire recycling. Amisy, professional manufacturer of copper granulator and wire stripping machine, lead you to know these!...

  • The Prospect of Cable Granulator in Copper Recycling

    Of various recycling method, using copper cable granulator is undoubtedly easy, safe and profitable one to recycle copper wire. A detailed analysis of each method waits for you!...