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Copper Cable Granulator AMS 800

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  • Copper Wire Granulator:Make Money on Metal Scrap Recycling

    Faced with the increased price of copper and copper theft, what can we do? Zhengzhou Amisy copper wire granulator can help you solve the problem by providing you with the superior copper wire granulator....

  • Copper’s Contributions to Meeting the EU’s Environmental

    Copper has profound effects on the development of civilization. More importantly, Zhengzhou Amisy copper wire granulator and wire stripping machine help to make copper scrap recycled and reused.CE certificated....

  • Why Do We Need Copper?

    Copper is limited, but recycling makes copper Inexhaustible. Copper wire granulator and wire stripping machine of Whirlston would like to help you realize your dream....

  • Why Should We Buy Wire Stripping Machine

    Wire stripping machine is perfect environmentally friendly waste recycling equipment used for stripping wires or cables. It can help you start your own business and make great fortune....

  • Varieties of Wire Stripping Machine Blades

    A good machine needs a good blade. Zhengzhou Amisy, specialized in manufacturing wire stripping machine with various blades for you to choose. CE certificated, low investment....

  • Types of Copper Wire and Cable

    It’s helpful when choosing a suitable copper wire granulator if you know clear of the types of copper wire and cable. Zhengzhou Amisy with 12 years experience can provide you with different models of copper wire granulator....

  • The Common Copper with Magic Power

    Without copper, human life would be a disaster. The use of copper makes life more convenient. Copper wire granulator of Amisy is perfect waste recycling equipment satisfying all your needs....

  • Stripping Requirements on Wire Diameters

    Do you want to make much money with low cost and investment? Zhengzhou Amisy can help you realize the dream by providing the excellent and unique wire stripping machine....

  • Electrical Wiring in North America

    Nowadays, copper as an indispensible material for industry is in short supply. Zhengzhou Amisy with 12 years manufacturing experience can provide the perfect and superb copper wire granulator used for making copper granules....

  • The Value of Copper Wire Recycling

    The copper resource on earth is limited; they will be used up one day. A sustainable development is very important given that you know how to recycle the waste copper wire by the copper wire granulator and wire stripping machine....

  • Blade Types for Wire and Cable Stripping Machine

    Nowadays, wire processing requires cost-optimized and comprehensive solutions. To this end, Zhengzhou Amisy wire stripping machine has been designed for popular use with advanced technology and innovation....

  • Do Not Burn Copper Wire, Granulate It

    Human beings will suffer a lot if burn the waste copper wires. Copper wire granulator and wire stripping machine of Amisy are better choices for you. Just granulate it, do not burn it!...