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Copper Cable Granulator AMS 800

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  • The Differences in Scrap Copper Grades

    Recycling copper can help reduce dependence on excessive exploiting copper mines. Zhengzhou Amisy has been recognized the leader in manufacturing copper wire granulator and wire stripping machine....

  • Life Cycles and Resources of Copper Scrap

    With the development of technology in modern society, copper scrap is regarded as precious resource just put into wrong place. Fortunately, Zhengzhou Amisy copper wire granulator and wire stripper can help you turn waste into treasure....

  • How to Recycle Copper Wire in Kansas

    Recycling especially the metal recycling is very important for our future and next generations. As for copper recycling, Zhengzhou Amisy wire stripper machine and copper wire granulator have won the global market....

  • Copper Scrap Preparation

    Recycling of copper cables is motivated by the high value of copper. Zhengzhou Amisy with 12 years experience is regarded as a leading designer and manufacturer of the advanced copper wire granulator and wire stripping machine....

  • Trade in Copper and Copper Alloy Scrap

    Nowadays, since world trade in copper scrap is prosperous, there is a great need in wire granulator and wire stripper. Zhengzhou Amisy intelligent wire granulator and stripper can meet your higher demands....

  • World Consumption of Copper

    Copper ranks third in the world consumption of metals, after iron and aluminum. Zhengzhou Amisy copper wire granulator and wire striping machine are highly appreciated in the global market....

  • Trends of U.S. Net Exports and Consumption of Copper Scrap

    Copper is non-renewable but can be recycled from copper scrap, so copper scrap recycling is important for the sustainable development. Zhengzhou Amisy wire granulator and wire stripper are indispensible for copper scrap recycling....

  • World Production and Trade in Copper Alloy Ingot

    Copper and copper alloy products are widely used in the industry and life. Zhengzhou Amisy copper wire stripper and granulator help you get the wire out and make copper granule....

  • Copper Avails Perfect Building

    Copper is used in many fields especially in the construction industry. Zhengzhou Amisy can help you get a large number of copper easily and fast by manufacturing the outstanding copper wire granulator and wire stripping machine....

  • Finding the Best Copper Wire Granulator Manufacturer

    Copper granules are popular and welcomed no matter in domestic market or in global market. Zhengzhou Amisy copper wire granulator can help you procure copper granules from waste efficiently and easily....

  • Wire Stripping Machine in Chinese Market

    Recycling of e-waste through proper technologies is considered to be a profitable business both in developed and developing countries. Zhengzhou Amisy wire stripping machine makes your job easier....

  • Scrap Metal Recycling

    Scrap metal recycling is a profitable and tempting way to solve the problem of electronics waste. Copper granulator and wire stripping machine of Amisy can realize the real worth of wires....