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Copper Cable Granulator AMS 800

Amisy Machinery adheres to the principle of "customer comes first " and continuously improve ourselves based on feedback from worldwide customers to ensure our machines and service can meet every client.

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  • The History of LME

    Amisy, a leader in copper cable granulator manufacturing, make some difference in copper recycling, converting your granulation passion into something tangible with pure copper....

  • Are You Familiar with Several Common Copper Scraps?

    Amisy copper wire granulator helps you create more wealth values, and your will do a brilliant job with our machine. A new business opportunity is just in front of you, hold it!...

  • Copper Alloys and Its Applications

    Defeating your opponents with high quality, high productivity and low cost in copper recycling business, Amisy copper wire granulator will be your best partner. ...

  • The Fiercer Competition of Metal Recycling Equipments Manufac

    Among so many manufacturer of copper recycling equipment, do you know Amisy has absolute advantage? Want to know it? Welcome to!...

  • Trustworthy Copper Wire Granulator and Manufacturer

    Reducing cost, saving resource, profiting form the market, adding values to your company, and creating a new revenue channels, Amisy wire copper granulator is your booster. ...

  • Copper Applications and Efficient Copper Wire Granulator

    Still can’t find an ideal copper wire granulator? Still worry about your inefficient copper recycling? Amisy efficient, economical copper wire granulator will be your right choice....

  • Difference in In-use Stocks of Metal Worldwide

    The continued development of economy brings great demand for copper. Therefore copper recycling is a promising industry. Copper granulator and wire stripping machine of Amisy gives you a hand....

  • How Much Do You Know About Recyclable Metals

    Different kinds of metals need different methods. How much do you know about these?Come to Amisy, a leader manufacturer of copper cable granulator and wire stripping machine, to get what you need....

  • Methods of Granulation

    Nowadays, copper recycling is attracting more and more attention to because of great value of copper. Copper cable granulator and wire stripping machine of Amisy let you make money out of waste....

  • Copper Recycling Technology Alternative to Baseline Technolog

    Copper cable granulator and wire stripping machine are the most known equipment in copper recycling. Amisy copper cable granulator and wire stripping machine provides you the best recycling effect....

  • U. S. Total Copper Consumption

    Copper is necessary and indispensible for industry and human life. Zhengzhou Amisy is versed in manufacturing top copper wire granulator and wire stripping machine assisting you in copper recycling. ...

  • Profitable Electric Wire Recycling Industry

    Copper is the third leading metal produced after iron and aluminum. Recently, copper recycling is popular in the world because of short supply. You need copper cable granulator and wire stripping machine of Amisy....