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Copper Cable Granulator AMS 800

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  • Side Effects of Copper to Human Health

    Excellent copper recycling machines can be found in Amisy machinery. Amisy copper wire granulator and wire stripper machine are now the best-selling products on the market....

  • The Effective Methods of Cleaning Copper Kitchenware

    Amisy is an international manufacturer of copper recycling machine. With humanized design, our copper cable granulator and wire stripper machine are favored by people through out the world....

  • Are You Suffering from Copper Deficiency?

    As a reliable copper recycling equipment manufacturer, Amisy wire striper and wire striper machine are leading the progress of copper recycling technology. You are making a wise decision by choosing us. ...

  • An Effective Method of Removing Gold Plating from Copper

    Amisy copper wire granulator and copper recycling machine are specially designed to recycle your copper wires. Facts have been proved that. Amisy can make your copper recycling job much easier....

  • The Differences Between Red Brass and Yellow Brass

    Are you searching for a reliable copper recycling machine? Come to Amisy, a professional manufacturer of copper wire granulator and wire stripper machine. You are on your way to success by finding us. ...

  • How to Choose a Better Copper Cable Granulator?

    Better and cost effective copper cable granulator, Amisy is your best choice, satisfying your specific recycling Needs. High efficiency, High copper purity and Low production cost....

  • How to Process the Insulation off Copper Wires

    Do you deal with copper recycling business? Are you looking for a copper recycling machine? Amisy copper wire granulator and wire stripping machines are your best choice. Never miss it! ...

  • The Way of Distinguishing Different Scrap Metals

    Amisy copper wire granulator is specially designed to meet your copper recycling need, and the machine has been proved high efficient, energy saving, and environment friendly by numerous metal recycling enterprises. ...

  • How to Slow Global Warming in Your Everyday Life?

    Want to own an environment friendly copper recycling machine? You shall not miss our Amisy copper wire granulator. You will can’t help praising our machine after using it, for it is both high efficient and energy saving. ...

  • Introduction to Several Grades of Recyclable Copper

    Are you tired of looking for a suitable copper recycling machine?After using our high automation Amisy copper wire granulator, you can have a good rest and enjoy your wonderful life. ...

  • Commonly Used Wire and Cable Insulation Plastics

    With advanced technical support and efficient management system, Amisy cable stripper machine has become best-selling stripping equipment. Leading you to success, Amisy can do it!...

  • Turn Household Copper Scraps into Money

    Turning copper scraps into money is your dream. Processing copper scraps to granules is our job. Amisy copper cable granulator and wire stripping machine are designed to realize your dream....