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Copper Cable Granulator AMS 800

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  • Simple Introduction of Wire stripping Machine

    Knowing clear of wire stripping machine especially its basic parts is necessary for purchasing and using. Zhengzhou Amisy wire stripping machine has been the hot selling and popular waste recycling equipment in the global market....

  • Copper Wire Granulator’s Contribution to Environment

    Copper is in short supply not only in home market but also in global market. Fortunately, Zhengzhou Amisy copper wire granulator can produce a large quantity of copper granules in a short time by recycling waste wires or cables....

  • Copper Wire Granulator, Novel to You?

    One stone with two birds: the magic copper wire granulator helps you make much profit and make our earth greener. If you want to achieve success, you should know about copper wire granulator firstly....

  • How to Maintain Your Copper Wire Granulator

    Good maintenance makes copper wire granulator have better performance. Amisy, manufacturing quality copper wire granulator tell you how to make it....

  • How to Choose a Best Copper Wire Granulator

    Start your successful business from learning how to choose the best copper wire granulator. Zhengzhou Amisy, a prominent manufacturer of copper wire granulator and wire stripping machine, offers the most professional advice....

  • The Present Development of Copper Wire Granulator at Home

    Only by watching out for the change of market can you win a leadership in market. Amisy, a manufacturer of copper granulator, cares about the trends with you....

  • Need Copper Granule, Why Not Copper Wire Granulator?

    At present, copper granule instead of refined copper is flourishing and spreading in the electronic industry. Copper wire granulator of Amisy can satisfy you urgent need and help you realize your business dream....

  • Why Is the Wire Stripping Machine So Popular?

    Wire stripping machine is well known for high purity and competitive price. The wire stripping machine of Amisy gives you more surprise. CE certificated....

  • Choosing a Suitable and Economical Wire stripping Machine

    Is the most expensive wire and cable stripping machine best? The key is to choose the suitable one. Zhengzhou Amisy customizes the most suitable wire stripping machine for you. ...

  • Magic Power: Copper Cable Granulator

    Do you really know the value of scrap wires? Copper cable granulator produced by Amisy will bring you into a fairy myth. PLC control system, high cost performance....

  • Characteristics of Copper Wire Granulator

    Choose the unique and perfect copper wire granulator, choose your successful business. Amisy provides you with the best copper granulator, PLC control system, reliable guarantee. ...

  • Don’t Scrap It, Strip It!

    Do you want to turn waste into value? Wire stripping machine produced by Amisy gives you the opportunity, CE certificated and complete models....