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Copper Cable Granulator AMS 800

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A Must-have in Your Scrap Yard

Wire stripping machine is so common that we even will forget it when we talk about wire&cable recycling machines. But no matter for individual or small scrap yard, owning a wire stripping machine is very useful. Why? Because wire stripping machine can process various kinds of wire and cable with high efficiency and good effect like copper wire, aluminum wire, telephone wire, computer wire, PVC wire, fiber,coaxial cable, electronics wire, etc.

Traditionally, in order to separate insulation from metal core, people use wire stripper manually. Today, however, machines has been created to assist this kind of work to make it more effective and quicker. If you search online, you can find thousands of them. Then how does wire stripping machine work? Which of them have good performance?

wire stripping machine
The important part of wire stripping machine is its blade. Its working principle is making insulation and metal core separated, thus getting copper or aluminum.The blade can be changed according to the diameter and material of wires. Since the hardness of wire is high and working speed or wire stripping machine is fast, the blade usually adopts high-speed steel or tungsten steel and will pass several strict manufacturing processes like heat treatment over HRC 60°before it is born. So when we check whether it is a good wire stripper machine, the blade is a key point.

There are some well known brands in each country. In US, Bluerock Tools is a reliable designer and retailer of wire stripping machine. Its famous model is WS-212, known for 9 channels of cutters with the UL rated starter switch. In China, Amisy wire stripping machine has been popular for many years. It has five models for meeting customer’s different needs. Take AMS-918 B wire stripping machine for example. It is applicable for wire between 2-165 mm and its capacity is 800 kg-3000 kg/ day. What’s more, The machine is equipped with many wire holes to process different types of wires, such as round wire hole, twins wire hole, rack knife wire hole as well as pressing wire hole. A good helper for private scrap yard and recycling center!