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How to Sort Scrap Metal

Scrap Metals is generated by the disposal of items that are no longer serviceable or wanted. They are not biodegradable, therefore are well suitable for recycling. However, how to sort them for recycling is still a problem for many people.

The most important circle of sorting scrap metal is to separate ferrous meal from non-ferrous metal. It can be difficult to identify and sort scrap metal since some of them look the same. This is why we should always have a magnet! A magnet will be your good helper in identifying ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Ferrous metal is magnetic, including iron, steel and others; non-ferrous metal are all not magnetic like aluminum, copper and brass. You can put the first into one pile and latter into another pile.

metal scrap

Now let’s go to non-ferrous pile first.Copper, aluminum,brass, gold are all the valuable recyclable materials. Copper is lightweight and reddish in color. It may become greenish over time due to corrosion. In recycling process, it can be classified into three kinds:

Electrical wires. Some metal recyclers accept wire with the insulation on yet at a much lower price compared with wires which has been removed insulation by cable granulator.

Copper tubing. You also had better remove any brass fittings from the tubing, or scrap recycling companies likely offer you a lower price because of labor cost of removing the brass by them.

Copper tanks such as special and water heater tanks. These tanks are considered heavy copper and should be removed any attached insulation, covers and fittings.

Aluminum is a lightweight metal with a dull silver color. Sosa cans,lightweight lawn furniture and aluminum wire are considered light aluminum while all other aluminum is considered heavy aluminum. Aluminum wire can be stripped by wire stripping machine. Pure aluminum wire will be given higher price.

Then, let’s come to the pile of ferrous metal. Tin, lead and steel are the main kinds of ferrous metal.Steel is a very solid and strong material that normally will be rust colored if weathed. Lead item will be dark gray in color. Lead is often used for piping, scuba diving weights and fishing plumbs. If you have lead batteries , please put them in another pile as well. Car batteries are a good example. Tin can be bent and will make a cracking sound as you bend it. You can make classification of them according to these characteristics.

In the next step, you are going to pass each pile and choose all the clean metals from the dirty. Clean metal will actually be worth more than the dirty metals. You need to find rust, dirt/mud and other contaminates on the metal. This also include mixed types of metals.Take aluminum gutters with steel screws for example. You can remove the steel screws to increase the value of the aluminum. It will be left up to you to decide how much effort you want to separate/breakdown the metals. Besides, we also need to judge whether the value of of the actual clean metal is worthy of our effort. Working to separate out copper for example may be worth the extra effort since copper has a much higher value than most other metals.