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Copper Resource’s Distribution and Productivity

Copper Resource’s Distribution
The content of copper in lithosphere is about 0.01%. In some copper mines, the percentage is up to 3%-5%. Copper in nature usually exists in the form of compounds. In 2014, USGS did an evaluation for the global copper ore deposit, finding that the copper content in those explored copper mineral is about 2.1 billion tons and 3.5 billion in pending exploration.

According to the data of USGS in 2015, global copper reserve is about 0.7billion tons. Of them, Chile owns 209 million tons;Australia, 93 million;Peru, 68 million; America, 35 million; Mexico, 38 million; China, 30 million; Russia, 30 million; Indonesia, 25 million; Poland, 26 million, Zambia, 20 million; Congo (gold), 20 million; Canada 11 million; Kazakhstan, 60 million; the rest all countries, 90 million.

From the above data, we can see that copper resource is mainly distributed in those regions, North America, Latin America, and Central Africa. As for countries, copper resource mainly exists in those countries, Chile, America, Zambia, Russia and Peru. Among them, Chile has the richest copper resources, occupying29.86% of the global storage. At the same time, Chile is the world’s largest copper producer and exporter.

Distribution of Copper Resources in China

China is not a country with rich copper resources. Its main producing area is Eastern China, occupying 51.84% of the national total production. Of them, Anhui and Jiangxi Provinces occupy 30%. Yun’ nan and Inner Mongolia are also the main producing areas.

Copper Productivity
According to the USGS ‘s data in 2015, the global copper productivity in 2013 and 2014 is shown in the following table:


Global Copper Productivity


According to Peru Business Daily, CRU Consulting released a report, saying Peru is still the third largest copper producer on the world in 2013. The top two countries are Chile and China. American ranks the forth, followed by Australia, Congo, Zambia, Russia, Canada, Indonesia, etc.

Main Copper Production Countries: Chili, Australia, Peru, America, China, Russia, Indonesia, Congo, Zambia,etc.

Main Copper Consumption Countries: America, Japan, German, Russia,China, Italy, Belgium, South Korea, UK.

Main Copper Exporting Countries: Chile,Canada, Peru, Mexico.

Main Copper Importing Countries: America, Japan, France, UK, Italy, Belgium, China.

At present, copper’s supply can meet the need as a whole, but we shouldn’t forget copper is nonrenewable resource. Copper recycling is also necessary for sustainable development. For reaching same quality as refined copper, copper scrap recycling needs suitable and quality machine like copper cable granulator. Hope this page help you know better about copper resource.