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Six Best Places to Find Scrap Copper Wire

When you are scrapping different materials and items, you will often find scrap copper wire that can be removed from the materials and separated to scrap later on.  Whether you scrap your insulated copper by itself or take time to strip it, making sure to set it aside, as it can be valuable for your scrap metal profits. If you decide to strip it for better profit, copper cable granulator and wire stripping machine are two kinds of the most suitable machines.

Copper is one of the most sought out materials in the scrap metal industry. It is used in a wide variety of things, like plumbing, electrical components, structural material, decorative design, and more. So refining your search to some of the most common places you will find copper wire, will help you save time and money by scrapping more efficiently. The six following places are the most common:


1.TV’s & Monitors – Many scrap yards don’t accept any monitors due to the difficulty of recycling them, however almost all monitors and TV screens have wires attached. These wires can be snipped off even with a standard pair of scissors and added to your insulated wire pile. They can be found coming out the base of TV’s and computer monitors.

2.Inside Electronics – Many electronics not only have wires on the outside that can be cut off, but once you open them up and take them apart you will find more insulated wire. In some items like VCR’s, DVD players, Laptops, and more you will find thinner insulated copper wires running throughout. You can usually cut these out with thin nose pliers or scissors and can put in the same pile as the wires from your monitors.

3.Computers – While we mentioned you can cut wires off computer monitors, you can also find a good amount of insulated wire inside desktop towers. Once take apart a desktop computer tower for the boards, hard drives, and more inside, you can separate the insulated wires. There will usually be different types of wire inside, some ribbon wire and thin insulated connectors.

4.Large Appliances – Refrigerators, freezers, dryers, washer machines, dishwashers, and other large appliances are great items to collect for steel loads. But before you start to dump these large items in the yard, be sure to cut off those wires from the back. The larger items like ovens and fridges will often have a thicker insulated wire (needed for more power) and your weight can add up quickly.

5.Small Appliances – Smaller items inside your house that may break can have a good amount of copper wire in them too. Some items like coffee makers, AC Units, Fans, Blenders, Toasters, and more all have insulated wire inside and on the outside of them.

6.Small Electronics – Cell phones, cameras, handheld games, and other small electronics that may need regular charging, are good places to find insulated wires. If one of these items has kicked the bucket, be sure to collect all of those charging wires and stations to add to your insulated copper pile.

You Found Some Wire, Now What?

Now that you have collected different insulated copper wires in one pile it can be very tempting to strip them all for the bare bright copper inside. It isn’t a bad idea to strip your wire, but also consider how much weight you have. If you have a large quantity (over 100 pounds), it could be worth your time to strip them by using wire stripping machine. But if you don’t have a lot (less than 100 pounds), it may not be worth you time to strip them and also you will be losing a lot of weight of the material by removing the insulation.

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How To Strip Copper Wire?

For most of scrap yards, it is easy to get enough amount of copper wire scrap. That would be a loss for you to just sell them to another buyer, as granulating or stripping them will make better profit. And you only need one copper cable granulator or wire stripping machine. For straight wires with diameter between 1-90mm, wire stripper machines is the best choice for it makes little damage to the metal core. For those wires in disorderly station, the suitable machine is copper cable granulator. Through crushing and vibrating separation, you can get pure copper granule. There are many manufacturers of copper cable granulator and wire stripping machine. One of the well known manufacturer is Amisy Copper Recycling Machinery.