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Copper Cable Granulator AMS 800

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How to Choose a Proper Copper Wire Granulator

Any decision should be made on the basis of knowing your own needs and the objects you want to get. So is the choice of your copper wire granulator. There are some advices on how to choose a proper copper wire granulator for your business.

Basic Information about the Copper Wire Granulator
Copper wire granulator, a kind of copper recycling machine, is used for crushing copper scrap and later separating copper from the plastic. There are mainly two kinds of copper wire granulators, which are dry-type and wet-type. Wet-type copper wire granulator needs water in producing process, therefore it will cause little environmental pollution; but it is widely used in efficiently recycling miscellaneous wire and plug wire, etc. Dry-type copper wire granulator belongs to a more eco-friendly machine. It mainly adopts environmental protection methods to separate, such as air classifiers or air shaker or static. So the advice I will give you is that you had better choose the dry-type copper wire granulator for it is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Choose a Proper Copper Wire Granulator according to Your Needs
In the processing craft of scrap copper recycling, copper wire granulator is the main equipment. Then how to choose proper copper wire granulator aiming at different factory including small, medium and large enterprises? We should master the method of choosing a machine according to the output, Take the copper wire granulators of Amisy as example. There are three kinds of granulator, AM-400, AM-600 and AM-800. The daily handling capacity of each model is 1.5-2 T, 3-4 T and 5- 6 T. You can choose the most proper model in accordance with production quantity.