Copper Cable Granulator

Copper Cable Granulator AMS 800

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AC Copper and Aluminum Separator

AC Copper and Aluminum Separator

Copper and Aluminum Separator Introduction
Radiator Copper and Aluminum Separating Machine is our invention patent product which is used to separate copper and aluminum of the discarded air conditioner radiator. It is composed of two motors, two reduction gears, rack, press roller, blade, and pinch roller, and so on. This machine is user-friendly, with high efficiency and almost no copper loss. Our Copper and Aluminum Separator has the bright market prospect and will bring you more profit.
Working Principle of Copper and Aluminum Separating Machine

band saw

After starting motor, the vee-belt drives the compression roller, pinch roller, and blade to rotate through the reduction box. The raw material is compacted and sent to the fly-cutter blade by pinch roller. Then, the radiator is cut up by the fly-cutter blade, the copper pipe is separated, and the aluminum scattered network is cut up. This machine can separate one layer of radiators or 2 layers of radiators. When radiators are more than 2 layers, a band saw is needed to cut them into one layer or two layers.







 Adjusting bar


Copper and Aluminum Separating Machine Working Video
Features of Copper and Aluminum Separating Machine

1. After the copper and aluminum separated, the copper pipes are not damaged and almost no copper loss.
2. This machine can separate one layer of radiators or two-layer of radiators.
3. Each set of this machine can separate three kinds of copper pipe center distances, namely 25mm, 21mm and 19mm. (It also can be customized according to your copper pipe center distance.)
4. Easy operation, high efficiency and labor-saving.
5. Drying separating process and no crushing is needed.
Why Choose AMS Copper and Aluminum Separator
There are two popular separating machines in market now for radiator copper and aluminum recycling, one way needs to crush the radiator first and then uses a gravity separator to separate the copper granule and aluminum granule, during the crushing process, the is a great loss of copper and aluminum, thus it makes financial loss for the business owners. In order to reduce the copper lose, we introduce one copper and aluminum separating machine that needs no crushing and sieving process, and the discharged copper pipes remain complete, so our copper and aluminum separator are high welcomed by clients at home and abroad.
Copper and Aluminum Separating Machine Technical Data

 Model   Productivity  Dimensions  Weight Power Supply 
 AMS-CAS01  2000-4000Kg/8hours  1700*1100*1100mm  600kg  380V / 50Hz / 3 Phase(could be customized)


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